Planning Your Group Trip Ridiculously Easy

GBI Bus Rental offers easy and stress-free travel. Enjoy these benefits of bus travel:

Avoid long waits for booking process.  Abstain from remaining in line for a few hours to affirm reservation. GBI Bus Rental recently made one-click reservation framework to reduce insane wait times for passengers. Along these lines, there are no holds up when boarding an extravagance bus.

Avoid having to designate a driver. When heading off to a wedding or other celebration where there will be drinking, you don’t have to worry about designating a driver.

Enjoy the benefit of a professional driver.  Luxury Coaches and  our other vehicles have proficient drivers who can deal with traffic, navigate directions and deal with parking. Travel stress free.

Travel in comfort. Sit in comfortable seats with more legroom than normal bus seat.

Travel in luxury. All our party buses and limousine have televisions; surround sound systems and private partitions.

Travel safely. Our Luxury Coaches and mini busses are the safest form of ground transportation on UAE roads today.

Travel green. GBI has busses that are additionally the most eco-accommodating type of ground transportation in the UAE. Join the green movement and diminish the carbon footprint you leave during travel.

Arrive all together. When setting off to a wedding or business meeting you would all be able to land in the meantime and avoid delays.

Save on baggage fees. Unlike many other bus services that charge for luggage, GBI Bus Rental have no extra baggage fee.

Use Wi-Fi. Our Luxury busses regularly have incredible Wi-Fi that offers much preferable service over planes.

Enjoy Fast and Easy Booking

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